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(All scenes take place with a psychiatrist's office with each Decepticon lying on a couch.  The doctor is sitting next to the couch with pen and clipboard, writing stuff.)


Black Arachnia:  IT WAS HIS FAULT I'M THIS FREAK OF NATURE!!  I SWEAR I WILL KILL HIM!!!  But....what are these feelings I have for him....?  I know I only acted like that to trick him but....was it really to trick him?  Am I falling in love with the man who did this to me?!  I'm so confused...*hysterical crying*


Cool Faced Bliztwing:  I don't really see the purpose of these sessions.  There is nothing wrong with me.
Flame Face:  And if you continue to babble on about it, I'll rip out your fleshy version of an oil pump and -
Crazy:  Call him George, and I'll hug him and squeeze him, and pet him and pet him and.....


Lugnut:  You're puny, insignificant organic mind cannot possibly comprehend is the true, holy greatness that is MEGATRON!!  For he shall return to Cybertron, and he shall fire into the heavens a glorious beam a light, shining a swath into the blackness of space to guide all Decipticons back to our rightful home world and burn the infidel Autobots to smoldering ash!!!


Starscream:  That fool Megatron thinks he has supreme command of the Decipticons only because of pure brute strength...BAH I say!  I takes far MORE than the ability to punch people in the face to be a leader!  Its takes skill, cunning, wisdom, and above all dashing good looks in order to lead our people to glory!  Why, I'd be TWICE the leader Megatron will EVER be if I had his strength!  Heck, I'd be able to shove right into his FACE!!  Though, not like I'd actually go into fisticuffs with him in the near future, that'd be suicide....


Megatron:  How did I ever manage to take direct command over such a collection of malfunctioning glitch-heads.....
My take on how trips to the psychiatrist would go for each of the core Decepticons on Tranformers Animated.

Transformers Animated © Cartoon Network
Transformers and Decepticons © Hasbro
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JetfireWeasley5 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012
ohmaiprimus, i never realized how COMPLETELY TRUE all of this is till now...ALL of the Decepticons are nutjobs, not just Blitzwing :XD:
radiant-riot Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2009
love it! it's fantastic!!!
DragonforceDingo Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2009
:rofl: to the max :D
yuri-blade Featured By Owner May 20, 2009
that was so funny. you really described the personalitys of the decepticons well. good job. i am fire-blaze, loyal deceptocon, and lover of blitzwing.
AccidentProneComics Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2009  Student General Artist
I loled at the last one...thats something he would totally say :lmao:
oceanbottem Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2009
yeah that sounds like them
malfunctioning glitch head, thats awesome=D
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